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Blue Angels F/A-18C Hornets in Formation with T-33 Shooting Star - Offutt AFB - July 18, 2014

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Some of my friends are at this airshow! AWACS in this biiiitchhhhh

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In other news, I passed my PT test this morning with an 87 after having failed the last two on some REAL bullshit.

Personal Victories: Max points on Abdominal Circumference. Max points on Sit Ups.


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I got some possible good news today!!!!!

The boo thang will (possibly) be coming home a week earlier than I expected. Since the boys (and girls) in my squadron are leaving a week earlier than expected, and they’re on his replacement crew, hopefully, he’ll be getting back a week sooner than I’d expected!!!!!!!

That being said, this is the military and nothing ever goes according to plan. I’m not gonna get my hopes up, but, this still brightened my Monday


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Two months until I can be with the boo thang again. This deployment really is flying by.

On other news, I’m gonna start flying again later this month. I haven’t had the opportunity since I went on my check ride in december, so I know I’ll be derpy as all fuck but at least I’ll be doing my job again =).

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Building a Mobility bag from scratch is muy expensivo.
Needed to get new socks, towels, more sand tees and pt gear.

Poor A1C is poor.

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I have zero focus right now. I’m supposed to be preparing 15 minute a ‘back to basics’ brief for those of us who can’t fly (goddamn sequestration) on any two to three switch actions relevant to my crew position/section and I’m almost done. but I’m just… not feeling it right now.

I’m also not feeling like spin class in the morning. Or doing anything that involves me getting out of bed.

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Skyped with the boo today. He has arrived safe and sound in the sandbox after a beer filled layover in Germany, of which I am EXTREEEEEMELY jealous.

I can’t wait to deploy lol.

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SO… Air Force Tuition Assistance is gone too (for now)…

I’m way too poor to be in the military.

Between debt, powerpoints and dry ass briefings, Something will kill me by the end of FY 2013 lol.

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I am now a Combat Mission Ready Airborne Surveillance Technician. Had my MQT evaluation/Sim Check ride today and I got a Q1 with no write ups. (essentially, I did everything i was supposed to do, at or exceeding my skill level).

Happy is not even the word. I’m so proud of myself. Long ass nights of studying, countless miniature panic attacks/cry sessions with the boy and my parents and too many months of doubting my skills and abilities. Seriously. It took 6 months to get here and it feels so good.

Gonna be smiling all day.

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Remember how excited I was to go on my check ride? Karma said “NOT TODAY BITCHHHHHH!!!!” and i went dnif two hours before takeoff.

I have my check ride on Thursday. I mission plan tomorrow. and All i can think about is how nervous i am. I’ve already failed one of my flights and it sucks. Even though the failure wasn’t my fault (I should have never been evaluated on something I was never taught, but i digress.)

Right now, I’m all studied out. But I am TERRIFIED. Not because I don’t know the material, but because I want to do well SO badly. Every one of my instructors has told me that I need to be confident in my abilities because i know the material, I’m smart, blah blah blah… So why don’t I ever feel like I know enough?

 And the only person I want to talk to is my boyfriend. But i don’t wanna feel like too much of a burden. So i’m just sitting here. Half watching American Gladiators, hoping that I’ll have my lightbulb moment of confidence sometime in the next 40 hours.

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Today is my Air Force one year anniversary.


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